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Re: Dropping The Hammer: A Proposal

Originally Posted by p0intman View Post
WaaWaa/Mental is actually the wildcard of the NC. I'm never perfectly sure as to where he's going to hit.

I will, however, enjoy this quite a bit. See, before, this was just going to be something I did of my own accord and whenever I wanted for a week or two. But now that you are all attempting to taunt me after I publicly invited the TR to participate?

Priceless. Say, I think Vs homeconts have some great farm locations on them, I've wanted to farm the VS for a while. I dont get to do that nearly as much as I'd like.
It's pretty obvious from your OP that you already intended to work with the TR, planned on enjoying being an ass to the VS, and actually wanted to get a rise out of us here. Otherwise why post this on an active public forum inhabited by all three empires? Why not conduct your business in private, like over tells in-game or on private forums? And why use such belligerent language in the OP for all to see?

I honestly don't understand why you're so bent out of shape over all of this. But you seem determined, so I guess I'll see you on the battlefield...
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