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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

Real busy and not much time. Missed first 6 pages. Sadly, there are large outfits that give other large outfits a bad name. The 666th is very organized, does it's best to contribute to the empire and has never randomly invited anyone in game. Everyone in this outfit, applied on our website. We coordinate multiple divisions of combined arms and spread our forces across the map to hold, shape and break enemy lines. We conduct many training courses throughout the week on tactics for our divisions and command strategy, as well as providing hands on leadership to guide commanders in training as they practice live. We coordinate with other outfits and promote civility and respect amongst all other players, friend or foe. Our goal is not to be "huge", it is a byproduct of what we offer and we continue to develop our organizational structure to our current size. Our goal is to 1 have fun and 2 organize to win, which is more "fun".

Busy at work though, so gotta go.
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