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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

I dunno, I run with a small squad of friends (about 12 of us!) every once in awhile apart from my outfit (it is a large 1000+ member one). I don't feel I am hurt by the presence of large outfits on the enemy team, or them on our team. Planetside scales as you do... if there are 300 people at a base, I would rather 80% of them be organized from the same outfit than 240 pubbies that are all working towards their own objective.

The beauty of being a small force is if what you are doing isn't effective... go somewhere else. My 12 man squad has put a dent in several platoons worth of guys because they were so steadfast in pushing to the NC warpgate on Indar that we encircled them and cut them off. That bought the rest of the NC time to completely smash their offensive.

I don't think they're a problem.

Edit: Well said, Robo.
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