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Originally Posted by Mox View Post
My outfit is really small. We have 1or 2 squads in the field and we are running different ops that fits to the size of our gang. We arent joining the zerg most of the time.
One of our big focuses is aircombat. That means we take all mossis or libs.
We are also performing alot of galdrops over major bases.
For me and my outfit pals these kind of ops are fun but i have to admit that there are better ways to make a lot of xp in short time.
I think there are loads of possibilities for small outfits to perform actions which really can help your empire to dominate. Just imagine 15 ESF which play together securing the air over a base... Thats for certain a good thing for our faction.
This is what I've been doing a lot of too. I only field about one squad at a time and the best way I've seen us offer help to the rest of the empire is by fielding an all reaver squadron with the primary focus of AA. Mossies --> Libs --> Gals are our priority and we've felt this is the best way to contribute. We would like to do more like ground battles but it's not very easy to do unless you have the numbers.

If we absolutely -must- field as ground units, what we typically do is use an AMS and attack strategic objectives rather than a particular area. So for instance we will attack the western generator at a tech plant, take it down, and then hold it to make sure the enemy doesn't bring it up. Or we will attack a tech plant and blow all the air terminals, generally anything we can do to hurt the enemy at large through indirect means as opposed to straight-up gunplay.

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