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Re: Adam Clegg @Arclegger talks Weapons

Originally Posted by camycamera View Post
c'mon Dirty, no need to be so negative! these changes are positive, original or not. hell, some of these changes were from the first PS.
It comes across as being negative because this has been on the roadmap for five months so far, its due in August and this is the best they can come up with?

Read the Roadmap thread, there has been a heap of creative ideas presented.
They dont even discuss any of the ideas presented.
Because these lack lustre ideas were already decided on months ago.

Decoy Grenades
Stalker Cloak
Motion Sensor
New Suit Slot (shows explosives)
Straight Pull Bolt Action
Recon Drone

As I said, Decoy Nades is just a bug fix.
Cloaks overall need fixing so they are consistent for all settings, low/med/high/ultra.
Motion Sensor will either take the slot of the recon tool or replace your prox mines.
Why would I wear a suit that shows explosives over a suit that gives me 250 more HP?
Straight Pull Bolt Action - Another addition that you will only get to use if you give up something else.
Recon Drone - IF it ever makes it in, after all this time its still a concept.

I'll be positive when we know what is in for sure, probably around September.
But atm this concept list does nothing for me considering how long its been on the almighty Roadmap.

If you happily accept mediocrity, you'll be feed mediocrity.
We all know they can do better than this token pass.
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