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Re: Update Notes 06/26 Continent Locking and Hossin

Originally Posted by Crator View Post
I don't like the locking rules. Should be empire home continents with lattice connections to each continent. Like PS1.
This ^^

Higby, the new continent is awesome, and I rely do love the jungle feel over it.
The nights could be a little darker maybe and what weather effects will this map have you guys think on the forum?

Now when we have 4 continents and they have been talking about faster expedition maps coming out why not FIRST do 3 fast sanc`s? And just link them in to the game. That would make a big change and a fast one.
Couldn't be so hard could it? Just copy pase some buildings, make the vehicle TP work, And up with some spawns for air and ground and you have it because right now the locks don't work.

So in the end:

Hossin map = I love it

Ps2 need:
Sanctuary !!
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