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Re: Update Notes 06/26 Continent Locking and Hossin

Originally Posted by SixShooter View Post
Having spent several hours on Hossin having some amazing battles with the VS as TR on Emerald, I totally have to disagree. I'm having a blast and cheers to to all the folks having some some with this as well!!!
Nah. It's obvious TR Emerald doesn't want to fight the VS. They are traumatized lol. VS needs some quick nerfs to balance the factions.

And don't believe some momentarily stuff. VS Emerald loves manipulating the situation like switching sides and holding back. They held back considerably today. Even in their held back state they warpgated us NC at Hossin. They obviously don't want to be nerfed.

There is something fundamentally broken when a whole TR faction leaves Hossin to participate in an Amerish alert that nobody wants to participate in, at the moment when the VS was obviously attempting the first ever Hossin cap. Before Hossin was capped the first day, some were telling people not to cap it, saying don't overdo it that effect since it only to takes 1 base to make a mistake.

They capped it anyway. How can they not? They got 50% Hossin pop, Esamir Cap, 40%+ world population and TR in the Amerish alert that nobody wants to be in .

In fact, they allowed TR to cap Amerish after they capped Hossin, with 40% world pop?. That's not competition, that's manipulation. Right before they capped Hossin, they capped Esamir unopposed. Why? TR going all out on NC. NC holding back VS and TR. VS has lot of free players to cap any continent they wish.

The status quo and dynamics has changed. Capping continents now have large consequences that affect player morale and constitution in continuing. They need to balance the factions now before Emerald spiral out of control.

TR wants to fight NC because of the balanced fights. Today, even NC was avoiding the VS, getting us warpgated in the process, at Hossin. In short, TR and NC enjoy fighting each other since the factions are balanced. You should participate in an NC vs TR fight and you can see the world of difference when two factions are balanced.

The first thing SOE need to do is:

Reimagine the Lashers - This thing is abused as a suppression tool. There's no way this should continue. Continuous, large AOE, with good direct and indirect damage. In large 48+ fights, how can you compete with these? Point at the door so nobody can enter. Players enter, your HP/Shield is so low, that you are done for. Point at the spawnroom, especially in Biolabs, nobody can get out. Sure. Point in a hallway/pathway, you can even peek, much less traverse it.

Have the developers ever encountered Lashers before? If they did, they should be aware what I'm talking about.

Magriders should be stopped from climbing steep hills - and sticking and on the side of the mountain suppressing fire in infantry fights. Yesterday, there were two Magriders on a very steep, nearly 90 degree ( I believe it's one of the WG bases NW, possibly the topmost). They climb from the other side then clamber at the edge, right at the cusp and shooting downwards. This is a nearly 90 degree cliff with a slightly rounded cusp. It's one of the NW WG bases at Hossin.

How in the hell are these vehicles allowed to cling on the side of a cliff? Vanguards and Prowlers have no way of duplicating these ridiculous stuff.

Bring those two things in-line and then go from there. But these two are the most glaringly, broken stuff that's affecting so many fights especially in Hossin.
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