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Oh but you CAN steal caps.

Say you've got a multi-squad group capping a base. One squad's staying outside, keeping reinforcements at bay, one is keeping the spawning tubes bottled up, and the last one is in charge of actually taking the base.

Only the outside squad's commander is sick of everyone else getting all the glory... so he sends all his guys in to cap the base in advance. They take turns TKing so no one guy gets too many grief points. You get the idea. So they weaken the empire's effectiveness as a whole for the personal glory (or at least CEP) of their squad's commander. Only now no one's outside, reinforcements show up unopposed (and without warning), and NO ONE gets the CEP.

I think we can all agree that would suck.

But wait there's more! What about defense?

What motivates a commander to hold what he's (or she's) taken? Jack sheet. So the offense is organized, and the D is just whoever happens to be there. Not much fun taking bases away from disorganized rabble. All everyone will ever do is attack. Defence is for people who aren't interested in command points.

Suck? Yup.

I raised this issue on the official boards earlier. I see a problem with the only command points coming from offense. Smokejumper replied only that they were aware of the issue and were working on it. And that I was obviously a brilliant person for thinking of the problem in the first place.

Suits me.

Not that I wouldn't mind more details, but if that's all they can give me at this point, so be it.
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