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Hey there, Napalm. It's been a while since I responded to one of your discussions, so here goes:

1) Can't steal caps. Facilities currently have to be "claimed" by someone in order for the cap to generate experience. This system is still imperfect and that's why we haven't elaborated on it, but we are working to allow squads or platoons to "claim" a facility and then get the chance to cap it within a certain window of time. If they fail, then the claim can be taken by someone else. There are obvious annoyances with this scheme and it's subject to change/refinement, but we realize the problem with "stealing caps".

2) Defense is cool. But you're right...I don't think we'll see much in the way of static defense (as you would in Tribes 2) where players camp out and do nothing but deploy defenses and fight incoming enemies. My guess is that we'll see more of "roving patrols". Squads, or half-squads, that patrol in Deliverers, tanks and buggies, who respond to "The XXXX facility has been hacked" messages and fight back against folks trying to attack those bases. We'll see. What's the advantage to defense? Your targets come to YOU and you can shoot at them from behind walls and from within your nested defenses. I know that *I* would play Defense for a while if I got spanked in Offense or I just wanted a change of pace. And the battles will be very easy to find soon. We have some new stuff going in soon that will help folks find the great battles (useful for defense AND offense).

By the way...nice eye for tactics assigning someone to the spawn tubes to keep defenders from respawning there. It's suprisingly difficult to do, but a good tactic. Defensive AMSs are pretty useful for getting around this tactic...but then again...if they respawn at an AMS, they're not in the building with you anymore...

P.S., If there are three squads taking over a base, they should probably join together as a platoon so they can all get CEP and BEP. I can't help you beyond three squads, but platoons are useful for that number of squads and below.

P.S.S., Answering the original post on this thread: Yes, you can max out in both BEP and CEP. You can work on gaining either of those totals at any time during your career, at any time. No restrictions. (Don't worry though. If your concern is "What do I do after I cap out?" we have lots of things planned for you. Details on those items will have to wait however.)

Edit: I removed the comment about vets and newbs. Upon further reflection, I felt it was innappropriate and not even accurate, so I took it out. (Was under the paragraph about defense.)
Dave Georgeson
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