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I voted Jackhammer was overpowered, mainly because of surge monkeys. Try to kid yourself all you want, but nobody uses surge+HA nearly as much as the NC (Nearly everybody has surge, that's beside the point. What I'm referring to is Standard/Agile+Surge+HA aka "Surge monkey", the NC dominate this statistic by a wide margin).

The Mini-Chaingun is well balanced in my opinion. Since the balance patch, I can't think of any reason this could be considered underpowerd. Possibly the amount of ammo it consumes, but that's to be expected with a chaingun.

The lasher, I voted as underpowered, but only because it needs a slightly larger clip. All it needs is maybe 5 more shots. I'd even accept a slight damage nerf if they'd just give it a larger clip!
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