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Re: Cockpit View - [Now Forced per Higby]

This is all speculation because I don't know how they are doing this yet but the third option that isn't in the poll that I would pick would be this:

3 different views (3rd person, cockpit, helmet camera)

3rd person = Self explanatory

Cockpit view = Forced (no toggle off) | Provides visibility to the sides of the aircraft but cockpit obstructs view directly below. *Pretty much how they show it currently in the pics...

Helmet view (zoomed) = Essentially a front mounted camera on the aircraft that removes the cockpit and removes the side views that the cockpit view provides. Allows you to see more of the front view of the aircraft (above and below). The more you zoom the less you can see around you. Kind of like PS1 zoom. Could be cool if the camera could be damaged rendering it unusable.
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