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Originally Posted by Coltorl View Post
Missing a couple of key TR outfit spotlights and a certain VS outfit, but other than that it was pretty good, I liked the NC bit a lot,it looked like it was the best edited/best clips all in all, but I understand that you guys had more people willing to co operate on the NC.
Ya I definitely had a little more cooperation from the NC seeing as that's what I play on the regular. I did make a few forum posts prior to starting this project to see who was willing to participate, so I worked with those that did & I tried contacting a few other well known outfits & they weren't interested. Other than that, the outfits chosen were pretty much random, those who we fight/work with on the regular. Not so much by size, rank, or reputation. I tried to keep it as unbiased as I could, but like I said, NC ALL THE WAY ! But in all seriousness, I liked the TR portion the best in regards to the editing.
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