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So apparently "Twist" is looking into things?

On reddit (of course...) a SOE official named "Twist" said he would look into the wasp problem (and possibly CC?) in an unrelated thread. Thanks go to BastiVS here who asked him about it.

It all seemed quite vague though, so i was kind of surprised when everyone in the game yesterday was all like "woo CC is coming back and Twist is totally going to completely fix all issues". And i wondered where all that super specific information was coming from.
So, what's the deal here? Is someone in touch with twist? Is he trying to fix all the current issues (I.e. wasp, striker, CC, party drops)? Did he allready fix the wasp bug? (because it seems to be gone)

On that note, some kind of gm support would be very welcome too, what about that?
Because currently if you happen to run into hackers or deliberate teamkiller squads all you can do is go somewhere else (good luck with that), go afk or log off. Which is not exactly an ideal solution.
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