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PS1 sniping was less about getting a lot of kills, and more about suppression - you forced wounded enemies to fall back or dive for cover, and so reduced the opposing force's ability to fight back. That's not to say you didn't get kills through sniping, but it was more a matter of cat-and-mouse, or teamwork, to get kills and less of a lone-wolf multi-kill thing.

Honestly I'm all in favour of a longer TTK all around. I don't think it should be as slow as PS1, but I don't think less OSKs will hurt the game at all - and it'll certainly help to retain new players, which is good for everyone in the end.
PS1 was only slow because of character movement and towers that people creep from instead of using common sense to grab vehicles from bases. If cover and suppression is used more effectively in this game, I'd most likely love the fuck out of it and look over most of the games flaws. But for some reason the devs don't like defense, and therefore are unlikely to go down the route of using cover. And unfortunately, the lag that causes people to die a moment after actually getting killed doesn't help. It can easily make people think they're dying in cover when they actually got the killing hits outside of it. That'll need to be fixed first regardless of cover use I think.

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