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Re: 1 empire per account and F2P

Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
Actually i could go with that too, i'd quite happily pay a few quid not to have to have several accounts at once

On a secondary note, surely making everyone have 2 or 3 accounts would make empire hopping worse since you'd not be able to enforce some sort of cooldown on it. Where as if we had all 3 on 1 acc, you could put a small timer in (again could be circumvented but many may be too lazy, same arguement as the pro 1 acc have for spying i guess)

EDIT: to add moles quote in

again kind of my point, inconvenience in a F2P is never really going to stop anyone doing something if they want to, so why make things harder for normal people
But is it actually that much harder? Most normal people will create 2 accounts if an empire lock is imposed, since the game is "free" after all...

It's really hard to implement such things when accounts are easy and simple to create.
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