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Re: NC already have the buff

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
You should really use High/Med/Low because the A/B/C grade implies how good something is. "A" in recoil is not good; it's bad. It was confusing to me looking at the TR/NC because they appeared to be incorrect - they weren't its just the A/B/C thing wasn't a good mapping.
I understood his just fine, yours makes less sense to me.

The MCG unloaded 13 rounds before it's CoF started blooming (unless the soldier got hit), that to me is an example of an A burst fire rating. Yours says TR have a "high" for burst fire recoil, implying that it's bad when it's exactly the opposite. On average the TR weaponry had better burst fire values then the other two empires. The Cycler shot 6 rounds before affecting the CoF while the Pulsar shot 4 and the Gauss an impressive 3. The Lasher and JH bloomed on the first shot, but the JH fired so slowly that it's CoF was almost closed before the next shot and the Lasher recovered it's aim better then the MCG but still over time the CoF bloomed more then the JH.
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