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Re: IDEA for resource system rework. Base resource pools, warpgate radiation, and ANT

Malorn. We have to look at this from a functional perspective. what we have and what it can do to benefit pur current lattice system. you mentioned a unique resourxe. Someone mentioned shields and spawns...etc. what i would like to bring to the front is acrually onvolving outfits or leaders. certs, etc. in collusion with the ANTs now here are some other ideas to use in that context.

Regular players driving or leaders driving ANTs collecting resources, this unique resource which pools either zone or continent wide from the one viable option, the warpgates. or bases.

under that line of thought, a continents bases would have to share this unique resource. we are now involving every player on the continent. ANTs would be noncombat asstes to be be protexted and hunted. skittering behind battle lines.

players collect, deliver to either a base or an outpost. the benefits an ANT can carry depend two fold, on that players leadetship certs and/or which accessory he has on the ANT after sufficient resources are collected.
eg. shield applicator, ammo drop beacon for fights far from home, vehicle repair beacon, stealth beacon, the list goes on

these, as suggested would be accessible after each level of leadership certing. so as not to be abused.

another viable option would require the ANT who dropped the beacon that activated any of the bobuses be present or nearby.

oe that the commanders share no resources and spend their own which are earned through combat as well as nanite collection from non commanding players just doin their job.

But the idea of using ants on every level as a viable option. is what id like to see.

other ideas include involving them as they were in PS1. Attached at the hip between a silo and the warpgate.

but ask yourself what banusus could a silo-esque addition provide and who and how would it benefit.

i beleive a unique resource would be viewed as a spending budget for leaders in battle.

ill add more later
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