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As much as I appreciate the effort put into the development of these types of systems they are artificial and thus detract from the point of the game, it really doesn't belong in the game in it's current state.

Territory means nothing and the WDS encourages zerging on mass > vehicle camping the point > zerging on mass > vehicle camping the point.

Really need to separate the combat flows, Base - fight in vehicles to next base - Dismount - Fight for base on foot (immune for vehicle interference) - Fight in vehicles to next base

The game is fundamentally broken and WDS just highlights the faults.

The teamspeak feeling on WDS is "MEH who gives a crap", it's just a free booster. This stems from the general fucked off feeling they have with the game and its many many problems. (fracture/vulcan/ZOE/Striker. Bad base design and decisions (3minutes biolab timer, someone slap the fool that thought that up), empire over pop, No back hack mechanics. People will say "hey be patient they will get to it" well a year later and $100's of dollars of faith and we have little to no progress (what little we have has been so slow and half assed it's not worthy of the word progress) The fundamental issues with the game are not new and were voiced extensively and loudly in tech test and beta and they were ignored in pursuit of a battle field clone and as a result it may have signed the death warrant for this game that had shown such promise.

I feel like i'm fighting a losing battle everyday to keep my guys engaged and the gameplay that WDS pushes the general pop into isn't helping and i think this is largely down to them (general pop) not understanding it and the overpop of TR.
Average play time of 2.8hours per day and falling.
Average play time of 2.5hours per day and falling. Need metagame.

Average play time of 2.0hours per day and falling. Need metagame / Continents.

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