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NC have been, are and always will be the worst empire in Planetside. The reason stems from their lack of spec op outfits and tactically minded players.

NC is made up of party zergfits and part Kill whore outfits. Whereas on VS there are large Zergfits (Azure Twilight, GOTR, etc.) they did have some of the premier spec op outfits (Delta Triad, Future Crew, AC, etc.)

In addition, one observation I've made on NC command chat is the lack of cohesiveness. It appears that everyone has a problem with everyone else. There's constant flaming and squabbling in c chat. It's ridiculous. Very few tactically minded players exist admist the crowd of angsty,hotheaded killwhores, it's no wonder they always fall into the same situation time and time again.

How many times have you looked at your map and saw it look something like this. Let's say it's Cyssor:

TR own the northern chunk of Cyssor, Nzame, Mukuru, Bomazi and upwards and typically Ekera, Chuku and Honsi as well.

VS own the south eastern chunk. Everything east of Tore including Bomazi.

NC own only one base. Leza.

It's as if NC only serve one sole purpose in this game. To farm kills. They don't care about owning benefits. Locking continents shows no interest to them. All they want is to perpetuate a long lasting farm where they can sit in their base and rake in easy kills, even at the cost of their own homeconts or possibly their last base. If a ToD on a VS homecont is warranting a better farm than defending their last few bases on their own homecont, most players will opt to switch over to that ToD and get kills.

In short, NC are horrible and they always will be. There is no camaraderie or friendlies between players. Everyone is out to pad their K/D and no one cares about the meta game.

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