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I hope at some point for an engineer class revamp.
In which we get the option to deploy a minefield and deny area.
This, a thousand times. In the old game we could -- not stop, but slow down enemy tank zergs with our massive minefields of weak all-purpose mines. Combine that with a few offroute Spitfires, and you can buy time for reinforcements to see what's going on and show up. You can also turn small indefensible facilities into zerg-eating black holes -- again, for a short while. The Terran Republic was great at this. It was part and parcel of our corporate culture. It was how we compensated for crappy smallarms and meh vehicles.

Now we have good smallarms and vehicles... but I wonder if we (or the game) are better off.
No XP for capping empty bases -- end the ghost-zerg! 12-hour cooldown timers on empire swaps -- death to the 4th Empire!
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