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Originally Posted by Illtempered View Post
I still contend that base design, and the whole game in general, was better at launch. Yeah nubs were getting owned by air because nobody had AA. Yeah some bases were too easily spawn-camped. So what? Those bases were for the most part the small and insignificant ones. I never wanted all bases to be the same anyway. The major facilities on the other hand, were hard to take. You had to take those gens out first, before being able to make a serious assault.

Bunch of wasted dev time....
We don't need these fortresses we have now... but we also didn't need control consoles placed where defending them is just about impossible. In PS1, base assaults that lasted hours and sometimes days were some of the most memorable moments and some of the best.

I for one would like a more procedural siege system. Links help, but they are only part of the solution.
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