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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

I played now and then for the past two months or so, but my interest is dwindling rapidly again.
Everything is just so half arsed lol.

Best example, the new resource system. Once again we get unfinished crap, i'm sorry "phase one" of a game mechanic, that will/may be cool once it's finished, but is stupid untill that happens (See cont locking, mission system, etc.).

I like the unified resources, and the idea behind it is good - you no longer can acquire resources by performing actions, so the performance of your empire matters. in theory...
...but in reality territories don't matter anymore, since you get a flat +50 resources every minute or something - regardless of how many territory your empire controls.

That completely removes any incentive left to actually defend or capture bases. So untill "phase 2" or "3" of the resource system comes out bases and territory control have no meaning whatsoever aside from trying to lock a continent. Badbadbad.

Guess i'll check back in once intercontinental lattice and resource system are actually "in the game".
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