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I think Israel's pretty awesome. It's an island of modern society sitting in a sea of culture that is about 600 years behind the rest of the world.
Of the five most populous Muslim-majority nations, four of them have elected female heads of state.
In fact, 45 percent of American Muslims in one poll said they see evolution as "the best explanation for the origin of human life on Earth," which isn't so shabby, considering only 24 percent of evangelical Christians believed the same. The percentage of Muslims embracing the scientific explanation for the origin of life was about the same as Americans as a whole (48 percent).
And historically, they have a hell of a track record. Science and math as we know it wouldn't even exist without Islam. The Islamic Golden Age caused a revolution in virtually every field of human thought, during which they fucking invented algebra -- and advanced everything from geography and exploration to the arts, architecture, philosophy, urban development, medicine and health.

The Muslims actually came pretty damn close to sharing all this brilliance with the truly ass-backward kingdoms of Christian Europe, since the Islamic caliphates blanketed every country they conquered with schools, libraries, public works and the most comprehensive system of social welfare on the planet. In fact, the case has been made that if the caliphates succeeded in conquering all of Europe an Italian Renaissance would have been unnecessary.

And the Muslims are the ones stuck in the past? Try again.

Granted, I'm a fan of Israel. More specifically, I'm a huge fan of krav maga probably the most awesome hand-to-hand combat. And for that, Israel has my support.
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