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Originally Posted by Warborn View Post
I'm not going to get into this with you. You have made up your mind, that is clear to me, and I know there isn't any source I could name which voices criticism of Israel that you'd accept.

But you wanted it, so here you go. The conservatives in Western nations in general think it's okay for Israel to kill and abuse as many Palestinians as they want. The people who aren't conservatives generally think Palestinians are also people and therefore murdering them or violating their human rights is "a bad thing". So there you go. That's it in a nutshell. Same as everything else, there's a certain segment of our populations which are 100% ideology, and will support Israel unequivocally, primarily because they hate Muslims.
THIS IS A DEBATE, I am supposed to counter your arguments, and you are supposed to counter mine. Being offended by what I say or whatever, is just stupid. The debate goes on until, one proves that the other is wrong, and it is not personal, that is all.
Anyway, back to the debate:
"Israel to kill and abuse as many Palestinians as they want":
As I have already said. It is not true. You DO NOT know what happens here each time a Palestinian is ACTUALLY dies because of the IDF. Shitstorms everywhere in the local media and lots of Israeli people protesting and stupid things like that. OK. Saying that Israel murders Palestinians or abuses them is absurd. The Palestinians who live in what you would call "legal" Israeli territories are given full israeli citizenship, full rights and have representatives in the government. Those that live in "illegal" territories, are under their own rule. Israel, NEVER attacks Palestinians UNLESS they have weapons on their hands, or bombs attached to them.
They are not abused. in any way. At all. They are under their own rule, and Israel just can't abuse them in any way because of that. It is like if you said the the USA does not give citizenship and rights to people who live in France.
It just makes no sense.

Originally Posted by Neurotoxin View Post
Wow, this fascist has so much pro-Zionist rhetoric that it is hard to address it all.

Why is your avatar a hammer, star, and sickle, anyhow? You are no Jewish communist.

Tell ya what: Go to Jerusalem, see the single-file cages Palestinians are corralled into to get through to Jerusalem, IF they are let through. You won't have the same treatment, you can freely enter Jerusalem. Then keep going, all the way into Palestinian territory. Whip out a camera, take a nice picture of an IDF poster, make sure a soldier sees you. Tell us the results, what you see, how you were treated, etc. If you are shot dead, make sure a relative can come back and post your obituary for us.
"Why is your avatar a hammer, star, and sickle, anyhow? You are no Jewish communist. "
1. This is an avatar, and it nothing with me being Jewish, but with my other internet nickname- the mighty comrade.
2. You're no gorilla in a space suit. Yeh you can see how stupid this argument is -_-.

The other things you said- it is so idiotic, I can't even believe people still believe in that.
SO- you see, Palestinians, yes yes, they are given full rights, FULL CITIZEN RIGHTS, they can go to any place in Israel, without any kind of restriction, soldiers NEVER shoot peaceful Palestinians, and those are allowed freely into both Jewish religious places, and Islamic. Unlike you may think, there is full religious freedom in Israel. Oh and yes I know that from personal experience. My cousin was there, went through PALESTINIAN territories and INTO Jerusalem, she took photos of many things, some of them in front of soldiers, and was not shot even one time. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Got pics of those Jerusalem "cages"?
I have, you know look to your side and you might just see some AIR. Worst cage evar.
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