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Originally Posted by Warborn View Post
Except it isn't debate, I'm not offended, and you didn't counter anything. I presented some facts and you hand-waved it away as the media hating Israel and the UN being pro-Palestine and hating Israel so everyone is lying/skewing the truth. That isn't a debate. There is nothing I could say against Israel that you would accept as valid criticism.
So: 1. look at the name of the sub-forum: "Political Debate Forum".
2. You see; The key word in valid criticism is valid.
Your criticism is not valid. WHY? Well, because it is criticizing false facts and not based.
See, each and every one of your arguments I have countered with FACTS.
What I said about media, is, that you think Israel is a big poopy villain because of the media. But I countered the poopiness with facts and logic.
Considering you have ignored both of them, real facts, those that you cannot possibly pull out of your ass, I would guess you did not read my replies well, or just skipped them entirely.
"UN being pro-Palestine and hating Israel" I'l admit it was wrong of me to say that, but I still backed it up with YET AGAIN facts.
Please come back when you decide to behave maturely.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by Necronile View Post
You basicly explained what I wanted to explain to people here in a different thread a while ago,but I couldn't due problems with my english.
Kol Hakavod
I am surprised to see that I am not the only Israeli human on the internet
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