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Originally Posted by p0intman View Post
OP is a massive idiot, I see. People like him want PS2 to be CoD/BF3. GTFO please, OP. I agree mostly with Effective.
Actually hitting a button and killing players in a radius is what you do in COD/BF2. And welcome to the ignore list.

Originally Posted by Huntsab View Post
I can clear a mine field in seconds, with jammers. Would you unsub if you witness me throwing them on your precious CE? OS's do have a counter it is called situational awareness (you do get a warning) and/or Surge. I bet you have Pshield. Perhaps free up that implant slot for surge
Fine then clear mines in seconds with jammers, you don't need the CUD I-win buttons.

Originally Posted by ShockFC View Post
You're a good troll.

That or you don't get what effect is saying at all.
He's saying "Durrrr" allot.
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