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Originally Posted by Buggsy View Post
Actually hitting a button and killing players in a radius is what you do in COD/BF2. And welcome to the ignore list.

Fine then clear mines in seconds with jammers, you don't need the CUD I-win buttons.

He's saying "Durrrr" allot.
I'm sorry, but you have *no idea* wtf you're talking about. I *earned* my backpack and my OS. I didn't go on a killstreak to get it. I *led* squads and called shots over a long period of time over the course of at least a year. I *earned* the respect of other outfit and squad leaders. Mind you, even if the area you are in gets OS'd, unless you're AT who get stuck at the back door doing high altitude galdrops and stupid max crashes without a door opener, you can STILL escape it with surge. You have to be *incompetent* or just not paying attention or spawning at a busy ams to get OS'd.

You have to be literally an idiot to take offense to it.

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