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Re: Why I quit PS1

This thread deserves to be closed. Just look how long it has been bubbling along for 'why i quit ps1'

Endless QQ diatribe by a player who literally has hardly played the game (from my estimation probably not more than br14 and nowhere near cr5) about why the game he has no idea how to play sucks.

I don't discount less experienced players opinions generally, however, when someone tries to imply that he has an authoritative opinion on something - then you better have sufficient experience to back up that authoritative opinion.

Here is a quote from the OP from a darkfall forum which exhibits the sum of his knowledge about PS1 and is the reason why, imho, he really isn't sufficiently experienced and qualified to judge the CE/OS/EMP gameplay mechanics.

Planetside has the harshest death penalty. You die, you lose everything. But it is not considered griefing or ganking because it doesn't take you a month to grind for your gear.

I played planetside for about 4 months, but I quit because of orbital strikes. The EMP kind which destroys all CE cause someone grinded for their CR rank. CR rank is Command Rating rank, not death ray from the sky rank.

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4 months in a game compared to more experienced players like effective (9 years i suspect) gives you some idea of the relative weight I give to the opinions expressed

Quite simply - you have to play the game to know about the gameplay mechanics and balance. You might like to talk on forums a lot - however - play the game more than typing on forums - you've been whining about this on a number of forums for what 3 years when you played the game for only 4 months...

Misquoting Winston Churchil directly
To war-war is always better than to jaw-jaw
Pointless negative discussion being kept alive by the OP always wanting to have the last word.

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