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[EU - Woodman] NEX recruiting

About NEX:
We're a newly started group of people focused on the purpose of the game - to capture and dominate... something which to some extent is best achieved through power in numbers but also requires a lot of cooperative teamplay and tactics.
We seek more people to join our cause, whether you want to lead a squad or be a squad member.
We welcome both individuals and groups wanting to join us in the co-op action on Auraxis.

We have a TeamSpeak 3 server.

  • Teamwork
  • Teamspirit
  • Adaptive play and tactics

  • Playing Terran Republic on Woodman (EU)
  • Age 18 or above, and in any case maturity - being 30 doesn't necessarily make you mature
  • Good english skills
  • Own a microphone (that produces no echo n stuff!)
  • Willing to pursue team goals and follow orders
  • A good understanding of the game and willingness to learn

To apply, send PM (to Allingham) or post here with the following info:
In-game name:
Preferred position:
Specialization: (eg. happily spending tons of certs on the Mosquito)

// Allingham & Zapador
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