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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Although I do hate being killed by snipers, and even being somewhat careful it does happen quite a bit, I agree that it's the general TTK that's the real problem here. None of the friends I recruited to PS2 play anymore - and frankly I think that's mainly because they got sick of dying before they could even figure out what was happening.

The thing is, a fast TTK is something people cope with ok in other shooters - like CoD say - but those are much, much simpler environments with a lot less to keep track of. In PS death can come in countless forms and from more or less anywhere - that death being more or less instant means new players often spend their time trying to guard against the last thing that killed them, and instead instant-dying to something else they hadn't noticed. Surprisingly, this is not fun.

Mind you, none of my friends got on with PS1 either - so maybe the complexity is the real problem. Could be that a massive, super-complex FPS is just always destined to be a bit niche

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