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Help me choose a gaming mouse!

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to choose a nice FPS gaming mouse and I'm kinda...torn so I need my fellow gamers help with this one.

Right now I'm using a CM STORM Devastator which is a decent mouse for the price but it's anything but accurate. Tried a huge amount of different sensitivity settings but I still feel like I have no real control.

So, the budjet is around 80 euro and I'm between these babies :

1.Corsair M65 RGB

2.Razer Deathadder Chroma

3.Zowie FK2

4.Steelseries Sensei RAW

5.Coolermaster Mizar

To be honest I'm really tending towards the Corsair one mainly because it has so many more features. Adjustable weight, on-the-fly adjustable DPI settings and my personal favorite, the "sniper" button which lowers the DPI to 50 (or 100?) for as long as it's pressed. XD

anyway, that's it from me, waiting to see what you guys have to say
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