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Re: No Heavy Assault LMG deserves .75 ADS speed...VS.

Originally Posted by maradine View Post
When the argument degrades into "I'm looking at your stats to justify my argument", you automatically lose. It's like Godwin's Law for game forums. You've exhausted rational discourse and are now that guy.
So you're telling me that I can win all my sniper/infiltrator balance arguements by pointing to my stats and telling everyone I'm right and they are wrong cuz look at dem headshots???

On topic, I think it's fine to have .75ADS movement modifiers on the Orion/SVA-88. It is a powerful attribute, and I think the game is relatively well balanced around that fact. Sure you could argue for a few tweaks to some LMG's (compare the T32 Bull to the SVA-88) for balance sake, but by no means game-breaking.

And I think it's good that the NS weapon has this modifier as well so other factions can access it.

Are these class of weapons making the HA overpowered (which is what the OP was getting at)? Nah. HA's are in a pretty good place right now, perhaps a bit too much of a swiss army knife on the ground (pretty good at everything), but I find far more utility and enjoyment out of my medic and LA and infiltrator builds.
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