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Re: No Heavy Assault LMG deserves .75 ADS speed...VS.

Originally Posted by Badjuju View Post
As i argued before, i agree that the 33% speed buff is very strong and that it is a large part of why I think VS LMGs are the best overall, but still I don't think it is a huge imbalance, definitely not game breaking.

The biggest issue with classes going up against heavies is resist shield + nano-weave. A heavy rocking that combo should not loose to any any other class, or any heavy not suited up the same. You take this incredibly strong set up and stick a .75 lmg in their hand, then yes you have a killing machine. However you have to think they will tone down resist shield at some point, and then the speed buff wont be as noticeable as you wont have to land the absurd amount of bullets it takes atm to drop a resist/nano heavy. That would be the root of the problem from my perspective.

Also keep in mind that their is suppose to be a weapons balance pass coming up.
It is a pretty decent size imbalance at the Infantry level...Having a shield/High RoF/LMG that is good small/meduim distance/and ADS speed buff on top of all that makes the VS HA the toughest.

Also it makes the TR HA not unique....VS HA has both ADS Speed buff/High RoF.....TR HA has nothing on them at all.

I hope those weapons balance tones down the ADS speed for the LMG's at least.

As for Resist Shield, I never use it....I think it might be great if you know u are gonna get into a fight but other wise, I feel the Adrenaline shield is much better because you regen with kills.
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