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Re: No Heavy Assault LMG deserves .75 ADS speed...VS.

Originally Posted by KesTro View Post
Adrenaline shield and Resist shield come down to personal preference. It just depends weather or not you want to completely negate some damage or mitigate a percentage of it. If you want to talk numbers there was a thread a couple of months ago where I 'believe' the outcome was that the resist shield was going to keep you alive longer than the nano or adrenaline shield as long as you're not taking a tank round to the face.
I read the numbers...If I remember correctly Resist Shield is only better if you know you are gonna get into the fight, so you have the resist on already before you even get shot.

Otherwise, if you get shot first before turning on the resist shield, it isn't that good since you have already lost shield/health.

Seems it will be good for perfect scenario where you know u are going to fight or a player who is stationary and knows when he is gonna expose himself to getting shot.

But for players who rush a lot, like me, who tend to get shot from behind...I feel that it isn't that great, but maybe I should try it out more.

I also don't like having it on when you think you are gonna face somebody because I feel slow.
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