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Wow...I don't think galgimp could have been a bigger cock, even if he tried.

No need to be like that bud...i'm new to the game, obviously.
I'm just posting thoughts on the game, as I play.

Yeah, I can see the points you were trying to make, in between the insults and ass-hole remarks. Even though the server(s) have to track all damage to see if someone dies or not, and putting that data into a database shouldn't kill the server, you're right, it would slow it down for sure.

Yeah, squading up is definately the way to go. A great 10 man squad can do wonders, for sure. Especially if everyone knows each other and works well together. Most of the time, speaking as a relatively new player, its very hard to get that, as it just takes time to form those relationships with other players. A squad of 10 new players tend to all do their own thing, spread out and get owned.
Experience changes that, naturally.

Now, being BR13, CR1, I definately work in squads when ever possible and follow the Squad Leader as much as possible. Experience.

So one final note, just lay off the new players. People like you, with your ass-hole remarks, just make them not wanna play.

Give a little room for error and lighten up, bud.

"The Pain Train is com'n baby! The Pain Train is com'n! Whoo Whooo!"
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