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Look if you dont want me to come down on you then I highly recomend.:

Dont be wrong, if you are wrong try not to be blatantly wrong. When you talked about not me having not a lot of players to compete with you set the full of shit meter into overdrive.

Dont make implications about other players if you cant stand to be faced with the same, this is common courtesy, I didnt have an issue with you untill you brought up having less players to compete with, therefore implying that it was somehow easier for me or that i was less skilled.

Dont whine. Yes the current system is lacking, does it suck when i fill a prowler full of pheonix missiles only to have some guy with a supressor kill it (like happened to me yesterday) does it suck, yes, do I accept it, yes. WHen you start brining up having to turn to sniping you convince me that your not so much fielding an idea as trying to compensate for your own shortcomings.

There now consider the hatchet barrier, i admit i was a little harsh but i whould apreciate if you'd see it from my point of view. I had originaly intended to just post why the devs have said they dont do partials but when I saw your comments chose to do what I did.
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