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Doppler ( galgimp )...if you took my original observations and opinions personally, you shouldn't have. They weren't directed at yourself. They were general first impressions on the game itself, not any specific player.

I like the button to make your own little movie. That's cool.

Naval units, like transports, warships and carriers would rock. Naval bases would be great as well. Perhaps a floating base, that has both the standard base turrets, but also anti-ship base turrets that use a 150mm cannon.

Long range options for fighters, like drop tanks, would rock, if the water was to become more active with ships and bases. Long range capabilities for the Vanu hover tanks would seem to make sense as well...not that I wanna help the Vanu in any way, haha.

"The Pain Train is com'n baby! The Pain Train is com'n! Whoo Whooo!"
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