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Re: A new Hardcore Mode/Server thread.

It appears that everyone who is advocating different server types, faster TTK's, etc, did not play PS when there were multiple continents poplocked WITH smaller secondary fights happening. You didn't need near-instant kills in PlanetSide when there were hundreds in a battle, and now that there will be thousands, you even more so don't need near-instant kills.

IMO PlanetSide Classic's combat mode is the best one I've come across. Obviously it starts to fail when there are only 50 people online in the server, but that's because it was designed for hundreds.

I don't want different server types, if people want fast 1-2 hit kills, there are seriously hundreds of FPS options out there for you. PlanetSide didn't need different server types. And before you go into the, "But the game died didn't it?" argument, you need to realize that the game didn't die because of the way combat worked, it died because of bad implementation of new ideas.

Trust me, you will see how this all works when beta launches, with a possible thousand people in a fight, you are going to get kills and die so fast that you'll look back on this whole idea and thank god it wasn't happening any faster.
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