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Re: A new Hardcore Mode/Server thread.

Originally Posted by MasterChief096 View Post
It appears that everyone who is advocating different server types, faster TTK's, etc, did not play PS when there were multiple continents poplocked WITH smaller secondary fights happening. You didn't need near-instant kills in PlanetSide when there were hundreds in a battle, and now that there will be thousands, you even more so don't need near-instant kills.
You are absolutely wrong. I played beta through 2005 plus my recent SOE-Hack free time.

you need to realize that the game didn't die because of the way combat worked, it died because of bad implementation of new ideas.
This can be argued over, but I didn't leave PS because of BFRs but mostly just forgot it because other shooters were simply blew past all of its mechanics save map size and player count.
Playing again, now, I can't stand how I have to lob 19 fucking missiles at a tank before it blows up, a guy with rexo can tank over 10 gauss bullets, no matter how meticulously aimed.
The reason I still love the game is the scale and premise, in spite of the particulars of the mechanics.

All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.

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