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Re: Our Lovely TSA strikes again

Originally Posted by MBRicochet View Post
Given the nature of the cluster F*** that is a TSA security check point. I am more worried about some one getting getting to the first stage check point and detonating. More targets in the unsecured line then any single aircraft.

The damned checkpoint is a better target then the target it's supposed to protect.

Thankfully the intel community is on their job and have been able to preemptively stop most cells from doing their deeds.
While I agree with most of what you are saying it does highlight a couple of issues.

First, has the TSA foiled any would be terrorist? I hear of people on the aircraft stopping the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, and a few other assorted clowns. But what about the TSA themselves?

Second the cluster that is the security checkpoint is indeed a soft target that has in most cases more people the the plan itself. The fact that the TSA has not recognized this and corrected it point to what a farce the TSA is currently.

Right now the TSA seems to more of a affirmative action program for dickheads.
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