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Question Which laptop is better for PS2?

Yes, I said laptop. I'm a student and mobility is a must, even though a $500-600 desktop would be worlds better than either of these laptops I'm suggesting.

The laptops are almost 100% the same in every other performance respect (RAM, GPU, etc) except for the processor.

The ASUS K-Series 55N
The HP Pavilion g7-2240

It comes down to this: Which processor is better for Planetside?

An AMD A8 Quad core, at 1.9 Ghz, capable of OC to 2.8 Ghz?
Or an Intel I5 Dual Core at ~2.4?

Thanks guys. any personal experience is welcome to be shared.

I've read through Ailos' guide and pretty much everything else regarding PS2 tweaks, and I'm also already planning on using Gamebooster.

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