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Re: Which laptop is better for PS2?

No attitude was intended. All I'm stating is this:

I've tested Planetside 2 on an older Quad core, an A6. Clocked a bit faster than mine, but that's what a little OC and good ventilation is for. And that older quad core ran the game fine. Even without Gamebooster.

I also have 8 GB of RAM, as in the computer I tested. I think they run at similar speeds, if not the same. I can't remember off the top of my head.

My graphics card is actually BETTER, by several releases, than the graphics card in the test computer. Not a lot, but it'll manage. Even if it's just a discrete-class card, it should get me by with a little tinkering.

The test computer gives FPS performance at anything from at least 20 FPS and upward in even the very worst fights. In anything but a prime-time clusterfrack zerg at the Crown, it runs like a dream. I can even get away with some render distance extending.

Through this logic, and a fair amount of luck, I can assume that the comp I've purchased will at least enable me to play PS2 to some extent even before I start the tinkering and self optimizing part.

I do know a fair amount of stuff regarding computers and performance. I've had extensive experience in tinkering and editing programs (to the best of my easily available/legal ability) to squeeze out every last frame; laptops, however, are a bit of a new world. They're a lot more finicky and unpredictable than desktops for a lot of reasons, and so I wanted to confirm my notions here with people that have been playing on multiple classes of computer hardware since the beginning of it.

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