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The Death of Compromise

Reading this article got me to thinking:

Whether you are left- or right-leaning (or neither), does the idea of your particular candidate swearing that they will not compromise with people of different principles trouble you? Or does it make them look better to you?

I for one find it very troubling. While the idea of there being politicians who are unable to reconcile their differences is nothing new (Charles Sumner's beating comes to mind, here), I do find it deeply troubling that we still hear it today. That we have politicians who with a straight face declare that their party should become an eternal majority.

While I wouldn't mind people holding my opinions to have the majority, I don't think I'd be comfortable with that being the case forever, or even for a very long time. It's important that everyone gets a say and that we find some kind of common ground. And while there are some things I can see being non-negotiable (such as gay marriage; for me it should be legal and if you disagree, you're a bigot) I'm not happy with the idea of entire parties, who tend to be catch-alls for lots of occasionally contradictory ideas, becoming long-lasting majorities.
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