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Originally Posted by Buggsy View Post
Again if you actually read my post, I am complaining about the ElectroMagneticPulse OS, not the other one. The ElectroMagneticPulse OS has a much shorter cooldown and much larger radius.
OK man, I guess I'll play your game for another round

There seems to be some confusion on what an OS is. An OS is an Orbital Strike that comes from the sky (a satillite in orbit) that is a giant lazer that destroys everthing in its path. A CR5 EMP is not an OS. It is generated from the CUD (Command Uplink Device) and actually has roughly the same radius as a CR5 OS (I know this from 9 yeats of experience since it's hard to pull out a tape measure with these things).

My point is that you're talking about two very different things. An OS is an OS and an EMP is an EMP, both of which are very valid tactics. It seems that your gripe is that there is a counter to your equally valid tactic. This could have been equally accomplished with a few guys throwing jammer nades. Sure it sucks that you spent the time to lay out CE everywhere only to have it EMP'd but seriously, that happens all the time in so many different games.

Your points just don't hold up and I say that with no malice or uglyness. I enjoy these discussions but I just think that you're wrong. Niether one (OS or EMP) can be considered a win button because it is a valid tactic on the field of war, deal with it (also you can just get out of the way of an OS, I've seen so many that hit nobody).

It has been hinted (or confirmed, correct me if I'm wrong) that there will be a type of ES OS for PS2. I have heard nothing about the CR5 abilities and whether or not they will have an EMP as you have described for PS1.

I find it odd that you feel that there will be no coordinated tactictics and you don't have the desire to come up with new tactics with the provided mechanics of the game. In direct response to an earlier post of yous - squad spawn works absolutly nothing like squad spawning on any other game I've played (disclaimer - I have not played every game ever made but have played a fair amount of MW3 and BF3 abd have found the PS2 version to be quite different).

Combining the AMS with the Galaxy adds a whole new dynamic and your argument that there will be no frontline is just wrong. If you can't play the game and discover new tactics and adapt to a new style of gameplay, I actually feel bad for you because you're going to miss out on some good times. Those of us who want that will make that happen with the gameplay mechanics that are provided just as we did with PS1.

It sounds to me like you did not like the fist game and will really not like the second game. From your OP it sounds like you really wanted something to happen (delaying the enemy without killing them???) but an EMP ruined your fun and you rage quit and unsubbed.

I really don't understand the hatred for "modern FPS" games. I grew up on PC games and console games and love them both. I have had a great time the last few years playing on Xbox Live and PSN with games like COD and BF (and many other genres). The last time I checked, games were more about having fun and less about being elitist and having to rant about how overly comlicated game mechanics have been simplified or "dumbed down".

Get over it and move on and come up with new tactics (that's my plan and I'm super excided!!!!) or move on to a game that will fit your needs. I have nothin but love for ya man and I hope you can figure it out.

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