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EMP's are not crap for gameplay, just because there are a hard counter to something you like doing doesn't make them crap for gameplay. Everything in PS1 has a hard counter and unless you know what you are doing you will get destroyed:

liked to foot zerg? aircrafts and vehicles will crush you.
Like Aircrafts? AA will crush you.
Like MAXES? AV will crush you.
Like Stealthing? Darklight will crush you.
Like MBT? Air will crush you.

The game was built around these hard counters so EVERYONE didn't end up doing that one thing, the only thing that didn't adhere to these rules were BFR's.. and we know how that went.

There is very little difference in this case between 2/3 jammer nades and a Cr5 EMP, so stop whining. For sure there are way too many going off nowadays kind of making CE kind of worthless, but that's due to too many people having Cr5. When someone EMP's all your stuff it should be a rare occurrence when an organised group and their commander comes across your emplacement setup. Not whenever anyone with a high rank comes across it.

Orbital strikes actual enhance gameplay, when they are few and far between they offer another tactical option that can really swing battles in a defensive or offensive sense. But again, you shouldn't see more than 1-2 a day. They should be a rare sight.
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