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Re: EU VS/NC - Looking for large Outfit

You should check out Clan Magnus Legio [CML]. We are an organized tactical outfit with just the right amount of try hard and goofing off. We offer in house training to help new players learn the ropes and to keep our vets sharp. We have smaller groups of guys off and on all day with larger operations starting at 9pm us estern and they usually run til we have no members online.

What we are looking for in new members is;
New Conglomerate character on Mattherson Server
TeamSpeak 3
A working microphone
Mature attitude
Ability to work within a team

We have been featured on MajorLeagueGaming along with Band of Bros and HoneyBadgers.

Stop by our website and check us out

Recruitment Thread Link :

Join an open squad tonight for 'Wet Work Wednesday'
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