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Pro7 migration (not eligible)

Hello, I just signed up at DC Universe for my Pro7 account creation (using the same username etc). After the signup it offered me to link/migrate my account with my SEO account, after fillin in my SEO login it turned back an error:

You are not allowed to proceed with the migration flow.
Error description: This Station Account is not eligible for the account merge.

Any clue how to fix this, or should I just stick with this new Pro7 account and kinda ignore my SEO account?

-- edit:
Hmm ok, my issue can be ignored, I think..

IF YOU ALREADY PLAYED DC UNIVERSE ONLINE AT AN EARLIER TIME, please make sure to link your existing Sony Online Entertainment account NOW!

So that wasn't the point, after going for "Continue to create a fresh account" it said:

"Congratulations, you have now successfully created your account!"

Still its keeps offering me to migrate from the pro7 account settings. Hm...

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