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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
What is the problem that soft cap solves?
I've said several times. It solves the problem of players not getting rewarded by a system that is meant to reward.

What is better, being stuck capped at 100 resources and being unable to get any more, or getting a reduced, but still decent reward up to 150?

Imagine you are fighting inside a base as some sort of infantryman. Your play style requires no resources of any kind and you would prefer to save up your resources for vehicles. You have been fighting in this crazy drawn out battle inside this one base for 2 hours now and you have hit the hard resource cap of 100. Now you know that you are going to have an epic tank battle coming up shortly after you finally take this base, because the area between this capture point and the next is perfect for tank battles, but now you are getting absolutely no reward for your effort.

"just get some grenades"

Why? That's not the way they play infantry.

"they just get no resource reward then"

Most of the reason that resources are in the game is as a reward for players. Obviously there isn't much point if the player NEVER spends resources, but those players would eventually hit the end of the softcap anyways and it would be a non-issue. What about players who only like spending resources for specific parts of the game, where they may blow through their entire stash quickly, but may go for entire long stretches without spending any at all.

I don't see what has to be so complicated for players either. You get normal resources until 100. Then you get less and less until theoretically you get nothing at 150, or 200, or whatever the cap is. It's not like something you need spreadsheets to plan for. You just know that you should probably spend something once you have 100 because you aren't earning quite as much as normal if you have more than that. For those looking to build up a stash, you just know that you will never get to x number, so don't even bother once you get close.

It's simple for the devs, it would have little impact on most players and it does solve some problems, even if you want to ignore them.
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