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Re: Balancing Factor: Resource Storage Limit

I voted No
I don't consider game money as resourses
you cannot buy resourses in PS2.
Resourses affect side / up grades only . They will not affect your damage out for any weapon.
They will give you additional ablities, like a flash light that blinds, a muzzle that increases range, a clip that holds more ammo. Nothing that could be bought with money.

If PS2 allows all Empire Resourses one can accumlate to decay over time to a base low basic level so a 1st time player, or a person who was out of game was gone for a period of time had some side grades that coulld be added it would solve the problem. Use it or lose it to a base level.

Outfit Resourses would could be degraded based on the number of active players.
This would then stop Outfits that have 500 people units with only 5 people ever on line an active. Start decay times after 2 or 3 weeks.

The more one plays the more indivual resourses that would be open to him.

If your AFK for 5 mins auto kick out of game - no resourse coming in. Solves resourse mining. If you can't get a cup of coffee, beer, whatever, do a bio break in that time ur playing with it.
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