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Re: Balancing Factor: Resource Storage Limit

Originally Posted by Noivad View Post
If your AFK for 5 mins auto kick out of game - no resourse coming in. Solves resourse mining. If you can't get a cup of coffee, beer, whatever, do a bio break in that time ur playing with it.
If any MMO in recent history shows, it isn't as simple as an AFK timer. They've all had issues with AFK farmers in PvP instances. They make bots which will just run in and suicide, or they make a script that makes them twitch randomly every so often to reset the AFK timer. It's plagued MMORPGs for many years now. We have to assume the same will happen here.

The best way to stop it is not allow it to be worth doing. Low resource cap means there is little benefit in doing it. Unless they get smarter and modify their scripts to spend resources on things like certs too, heh.

PS2 will have to address it in some fashion. They might have an experience requirement on the dividend to ensure you have some minimal amount of effort before you start receiving resources. That'll raise the bar on the bots and hopefully make it a non-issue.
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